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Avery Compatible Labels

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Eurolabels range of Premium Quality, White Avery compatible address labels. Manufactured from the highest quality Face & Backing papers, giving a Premium A4 Label. Suitable for most Inkjets, Laser & Copier Printers.



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210mm x 297mm - Premium Quality DPS01 Compatible Labels
1 Label per sheet - 210 mm x 297 mm - Square Corners
199.6mm x 289.1mm - Premium Quality L7167 Compatible Labels
1 Label per sheet - 199.6mm x 289.1mm - Round Corners
210mm x 148.5mm - Premium Quality DPS02 Compatible Labels
2 Labels per sheet - 210mm x 148.5mm - Square Corners
199.6mm x 143.5mm - Premium Quality L7168 Compatible Labels
2 Labels per sheet - 199.6mm x 143.5mm - Round Corners
210mm x 99mm - Premium Quality DPS03 Compatible Labels
3 Labels per sheet - 210 mm x 99 mm - Square Corners
105mm x 148.5mm - Premium Quality DPS04 Compatible Labels
4 Labels per sheet - 105mm x 148.5mm - Square Corners
99.1mm x 139mm - Premium Quality L7169 Compatible Labels
4 Labels per sheet - 99.1mm x 139mm - Round Corners
99.1mm x 93.1mm - Premium Quality L7166 Compatible Labels
6 Labels per sheet - 99.1mm x 93.1mm - Round Corners
105mm x 74.25mm - Premium Quality 3427 Compatible Labels
8 Labels per sheet - 105mm x 74.25mm - Square Corners
99.1mm x 67.7mm - Premium Quality L7165 Compatible Labels
8 Labels per sheet - 99.1mm x 67.7mm - Round Corners
99.1mm x 57.3mm - Premium Quality L7173 Compatible Labels
10 Labels per sheet - 99.1mm x 57.3mm - Round Corners
99.1mm x 42mm - Premium Quality L4743 Compatible Labels
12 Labels per sheet - 99.1mm x 42mm - Round Corners
63.5mm x 72mm - Premium Quality L7164 Compatible Labels
12 Labels per sheet - 63.5mm x 72mm - Round Corners
99.1mm x 38.1mm - Premium Quality L7163 Compatible Labels
14 Labels per sheet - 99.1mm x 38.1mm - Round Corners
105mm x 37mm - Premium Quality DPS16 Compatible Labels
16 Labels per sheet - 105mm x 37mm - Square Corners
99.1mm x 33.9mm - Premium Quality L7162 Compatible Labels
16 Labels per sheet - 99.1mm x 33.9mm - Round Corners
63.5mm x 46.6mm - Premium Quality L7161 Compatible Labels
18 Labels per sheet - 63.5mm x 46.6mm - Round Corners
63.5mm x 38.1mm - Premium Quality L7160 Compatible Labels
21 Labels per sheet - 63.5mm x 38.1mm - Round Corners
70mm x 37mm - Premium Quality DPS24 Compatible Labels
24 Labels per sheet - 70 mm x 37 mm - Square Corners
45.7mm x 25.5mm - Premium Quality L7654 Compatible Labels
40 Labels per sheet - 45.7mm x 25.5mm - Round Corners
38.1mm x 21.2mm - Premium Quality L7651 Compatible Labels
65 Labels per sheet - 38.1mm x 21.2mm - Round Corners

Eurolabels aim to bring you the best quality products at the right prices, we are now offering our range of Avery compatable Labels along with our Economy range giving every an option no matter what budget your on.

Our Avery Compatables Labels are Manufactured at our own factory using the highest grade label material available for A4 address labels.



Avery compatible labels


Keep your labels looking professional with our Avery compatible labels, which let you print off high-quality labels with your own custom designs or text. Our labels fit the dimensions of the Avery type templates that a variety of different software uses, so you can be sure that everything you print off is perfectly aligned, with no unwanted cropping.




Quality Avery compatible label printing


Avery labels are a popular way of printing high-resolution images, texts and custom designs onto a variety of different products such as posters, flyers and labels. We understand that many business customers rely on Avery templates featured in the software that you computer uses for printing images.
To help you work with these templates, we provide labels that have the same measurements as the Avery templates on your software to make creating unique designs or effective address labels easy.



At Eurolabels, we understand how annoying it can be to work around the assets that your software gives you. If you design something that fits an incredibly specific type of label but uses a slightly smaller or bigger label, then it’s going to make your labels look uneven and sloppy.

This is going to make your company look unprofessional and lower your consumer’s confidence in you.  With our Avery compatible labels, made to an exceptionally high standard in our very own factory, you’ll have no such problem. Simply paste your design into the template and print, and you’ll have a premium quality label ready for use.

We design all of our labels to be used with a multitude of different products, with strong materials to help protect the label from smudging or deteriorating. The labels are also easy to peel, but strong enough to stay affixed to any product.
The super strong adhesive used for our labels allows them to stay stuck to packages even during the roughest transit, making them perfect for address labels.


Exceptional service through Eurolabels

Our vast range of different compatible labels allows you to work with the many different templates that your company requires. These range from huge DPS01 template labels to batches of 65 L7651 template compatible labels.
Speaking of bulk, we offer a variety of different discounts to customers who are ordering in bulk, with a 50% discount on, particularly large orders. Not only that, but we’ll also provide free shipping on all orders over £50.
To save you even more money, we offer our customers Economy Avery compatible labels range to help work with our customer’s budgets.

Create a Eurolabels account today to make repeat purchases quick and easy. We even make the payment process easy, but accepting instant PayPal transactions, as well as MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and other credit and debit cards.
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