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Chemical Labels

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Labels on Chemicals are the first line of defence. Chemical Labels communicate the hazard of the contents through the chemical process from production, handling, transport and use. Workers and consumers should know about the effects of chemicals before using them.

Suppliers must label a hazardous substance or mixture using chemical labels. Eurolabels can manufacture your pictograms on adhesive labels using materials suitable to withstand the chemical environment. We have a range of pre printed sticky labels available or you can have then custom made. Contact us for a bespoke quote freephone on 0800 342 3170 from a landline and on 0333 240 1122 from a mobile.  If you require plain self adhesive labels for your own printing visit our sheet label and roll label categories for the material, size, colour and adhesive best suited for your needs.


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Corrosive Substance Label
Price £3.69 + VAT Per 200 Labels. Free Delivery on orders above 30
50.8mm x 50.8mm Corrosive Substance Label Matt Permanent Adhesive
Risk Of Explosion Labels
Price £3.69 + VAT Per 200 Labels. Free Delivery
50.8mm x 50.8mm Risk Of Explosion Label Matt Permanent Adhesive
Poison Labels
Price £3.69 + VAT Per 200 Labels. Free Delivery
50.8mm x 50.8mm Poison Label Matt Permanent Adhesive
Highly Flammable Labels
Price £3.69 + VAT Per 200 Labels. Free Delivery
50.8mm x 50.8mm Highly Flammable Label Matt Permanent Adhesive
Hazardous To Environment Labels
Price £3.69 + VAT Per 200 Labels. Free Delivery
50.8mm x 50.8mm Hazardous To Environment Label Matt Permanent Adhesive



Chemical Labels are an essential component in the production of hazardous products. These labels are a continuous line of defence when it comes to health and safety. This is obviously very important for all persons who come in to contact with the products from the initial manufacture right through to the end user application.


The Chemical Label communicates, contents, hazard type, and various other important information such as spillage treatments etc, without chemical labels the production chain for chemicals can not be completed. It is important to research your Chemical Labels as extensively as all your other product components.


Why is this important? Consider this following scenario and all will become clear:


You have managed to win that all important order for one of your best customers. The materials you need to make the products are available from the new supplier at great prices, you feel very pleased with yourself for finding this supplier after all the research you have put into it, happy days!!


On top of that you have just found another great new supplier for some really swanky design plastic containers, happy days!!


Now all you need to do is get the Chemical Labels in quickly for those great containers and away you go!! The labels arrive in just three days, the new label company were very helpful, a bit pushy, but they only asked you a handful of questions before immediately making the labels, simple. They were not cheap but the service was ok and they do look really good too, so everything is coming up roses, happy days!!


So you all get to work, everyone is buoyed by the great new products. You have a record production day and the labelled containers look just great on the pallets at the end of your hard days work. The goods are despatched to your customer and you sit back happy with your lot, money in the bank, happy days………..what can possibly go wrong??


One week later the phone rings, it is your customer you enthusiastically take the call assuming the customer is going to thank you for such a great product, happy days!!.......but your mouth goes dry and you sink back into your chair when he booms the dreaded words “I am not at all happy with the products you have sold me” Your customer explains in a raised voice that the labels are coming off the containers!! To make things worse most of the containers have been despatched your client’s customers, who are all over the country!! Worse still, some are on mixed pallets so no one can tell which container has which chemical within it!! A health and safety nightmare!! Your customer lowers his voice to a cold slow tone and says “We won’t be needing any more product from you” The great job you were all so happy with has just bitten you hard on the backside, lost profit, a lost customer and a mountain of red tape to arrange the recall……you are crushed.


However, if you had come to Eurolabels for your Chemical Labels we would have asked all the questions that should have been asked. We won’t force you into a hurried decision because we know that if you change suppliers of plastics caution is always needed. Your new containers may be fantastic and good quality, but they were probably made in a different factory? Maybe that supplier uses a different release agent in the mould? We would have advised you that this release agent may react with some adhesives…possibly causing the labels to fall off the containers at a later date? We would have checked this and would have probably suggested you trial some materials free of charge before we allow you to commit to your labels.


If you had done this the labels would not have fallen off, your customer would be very happy, profit would have been secured and a promise of a continued great working relationship with your client would have been assured.


This is just one problem that can arise in the labelling of chemical products. There are many, many combinations of materials and adhesives used in the production of chemical labels. Eurolabels can guide you through the minefield of the material selection process and help you in choosing the best and most economic solution for your companies needs. We work very closely with our material suppliers and with our clients to ensure you will always enjoy those “Happy days”


Freephone on 0800 342 3170 from a landline and free on 0333 240 1122 from a mobile.  Or e-mail to If you require more standard plain or printed self adhesive labels for your own overprinting printing visit our sheet label and roll label categories for the material, size, colour and adhesive best suited for your needs, or just give us a call.




According to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) a Chemical Label should have:


• Pictograms


• Signal Words


• Hazard Statement


• Precautionary Statement & Pictograms


• Product Identifier


• Supplier Information