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Food Labels

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Food labels play an essential role to both consumer and supplier when purchasing or selling foodstuffs.  Food labels inform consumers of the product using images, content descriptions and a breakdown of the ingredients.


The label on food items is a major selling point of the product.  Products with an eye catching sticky label will attract customers to the item and help sell the product. Attractive and inviting images and colours, clear product logos and interesting descriptions will enhance the appeal of the product and help sales.  We can offer plain labels and up to 8 colours, including full colour and reverse print, we can also now offer HD process photo quality on all volumes and material, basically if you want it printed, we can do it!! 


At Eurolabels we sell food labels in both sheet labels for hand applications and labels on a roll for larger production runs.  We have a large range of cutters (over a 1,000 sizes available) giving us the advantage to produce a wide range of sizes and shapes to ensure your adhesive food labels have that edge over other food labels.  Whatever the shape and size of your packaging we will fit and shape the adhesive food label around the product making your finished product perfect. 


Eurolabels sell a wide range of self adhesive food labels. The label materials best suited for your food labels will depend on what the labels will be applied to, the type of product and storage conditions. We sell adhesive labels that can be applied directly to the product like fruit and vegetables or even direct contact meat. In our range of label materials we sell freezer adhesive labels and chiller adhesive labels.


As some suppliers want to print food labels in-house our labels are suitable for thermal, inkjet and laser printers. Many of our customers wish to have the generic sticky labels printed at Eurolabels but want the ability to print onto the thermal labels, inkjet labels and laser labels to print best before dates, use by dates, traceability details and prices on in-house.


At Eurolabels we have friendly experienced sales representatives that will guide you to the most suitable label for you. We are experts with food labels and will do our upmost to make your labels the front line in making your product a top selling item. Eurolabels will make sure that the food label is the most suitable size, shape, colour, design and material for you. With all the options we have for you our labels are highly flexible for your convenience. Eurolabels are the best choice for you and your food labels.


In 2002 the European Parliament and the Council adopted Regulation (EC) 178/2002 laying down the general principles and requirements of food law.

Due to the legislation food labels need to provide the consumer with a lot of information on one label. Flavourings and additives need to be declared and nutritional and energy values indicated. As foodstuffs have become a lot more complex over the year and allergies have become a lot more apparent. As a result all ingredients classed as an allergen must be declared on the adhesive food labels.


Food safety legislation objectives are to provide high level protection to human life. In the event of product contamination at production level, product recalls are required depending on the risk level. For this reason traceability information on food labels are important. Food labels must also clearly state the best before and use by date.


Click on the Food Sheet Label link and Food Roll Label links for specific product suitability and a range of the standard products available. Our website tells you instantly the cost of plain white labels with various adhesives.