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Inkjet Labels From Eurolabel.


Inkjet Labels are one of the most popular forms of adhesive labelling. 

This type of labelling has become so popular because of how cost effective it is for the quality of printing achieved.  Inkjet printers are comparatively less expensive than laser printers.  The popularity of inkjet printing has grown to become the most widely used type of home printer in Europe.


To get the best inkjet printing quality, the type of paper you use is just as important as the printer.  Inkjet paper is categorized by weight, brightness, smoothness and opacity.  It is made up of deinked or chemical pulps that often require the highest levels of dimensional stability, strength and smoothness.  The porosity and even spread of the paper enables a neutralized spreading of ink by the printer. 


When it comes to labels, many people ask themselves whether they should order their labels ready printed or print them ourselves.  The best decision will depend on the quantities and quality required.  If you are a manufacturer and you wish to have the same label on a steady stream of your products then it would be more beneficial to have them printed for you.  If you are a small company with small runs of different products made to order or you are working from home it is likely to be more cost effective to print the adhesive labels yourself.


At Eurolabels we provide the answers for both types of requirement.  We print labels to your design for large runs and also provide the most suitable types of plain labels so that you can do it yourself.  We use high quality ink and paper in our factory to work with the most modern label printers and can also provide you with the same high quality paper for your own printer.  The plain labels we provide are ideal for use when producing address labels, parcel labels, shipping labels, pallet labels and many more on a wide range of commercial brands of inkjet systems.


Our die machines can cut labels to your required size and shape if you have a particular non-standard requirement. However, most of our customers find that our standard size inkjet labels provide them with everything they need. Labels are available in various permanent colours and are peelable and use adhesive that stays stuck even when frozen. Our sticky labels are ideal for use when producing: address labels, parcel labels, shipping and pallet labels on your own Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Kodak and many other brands of  inkjet printers.


What makes us so different from other inkjet label suppliers? Upon receipt of your order we will immediately start work on it.  There are never any backlogs of orders awaiting delivery in our system that will significantly delay your own delivery because of the multi-processing capacity of our manufacturing systems.  Eurolabels internet site has been specifically designed to make it easy for you to find the most suitable labels for your specific need so by following the simple instructions on our pages you may easily purchase any type of adhesive labels, sticky labels, sheet labels or roll labels. Dealing directly with our customers, we are able to plan our production of labels to suit our customers lead times ensuring no down time for your machinery, so please let us know if you are on a tight schedule.


Manufacture Direct Pricing means our customers also get the best prices available.  All prices on our site include VAT and transportation so our customers know the final price of each item at every stage of the buying process unlike some other label suppliers.


Dealing direct with the manufacturer means that all your labels, whether they be transparent labels, clear labels, plain labels or custom adhesive labels, can be delivered direct to your door without delay.  Eurolabels will deliver all labels within one working day.  Since we are the manufacturer we can never be out of stock of inkjet labels. We can also custom manufacture to our customers requirements whenever necessary.  We stock the labels. We print the labels. We box the labels. We sell the labels. So it follows that we must be able to offer you the best overall deal on all your specific inkjet labels requirements.