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What Are Parcel Labels

Two of the most important components on a parcel are the outer packaging and the label.  Distributors must ensure parcels are delivered to its destination in good condition with no damage to the contents so an essential component is a legible and firm parcel label.  This type of adhesive label must clearly display the name and address of the parcel’s destination and a return address with the addition of barcodes when necessary.


During distribution parcels can get some scuffs and knocks so the packaging components must be substantial enough to withstand these conditions.  Every parcel label must be scuff resistant to ensure the details on the self adhesive labels can’t be damaged.  Here at Eurolabels our experience as manufacturers of special purpose labels has led us to make a few recommendations for the selection of self adhesive parcel labels depending on your business, printing equipment and budget. 


Our first recommendation is the use of Direct Thermal Top Coated Labels.  These labels come on a roll and are durable yet achieve high quality imaging effects.  These adhesive labels use high quality coating and adhesive backing, providing you with high levels of durability to give long life solutions for all your parcel labels.  The back barrier behind the adhesive protects the sticky labels from any migration from the substrate, while the top coating shields the face from damage or wear and tear.  These self adhesive parcel labels provide good resistant to scuffing, oils, fats, chemicals and solvents.  This type of label is suitable for the more aggressive environment and is designed for label printers without ribbons making it a simple solution to your labelling needs.


Our second recommendation is the use of Thermal Transfer Labels.  These sticky labels also come on a roll and require label printers with a Thermal Transfer Ribbon.  This type of printer can be more expensive but will give you quality printing when using these as parcel labellers.  The ink transfer from the ribbon gives high quality crisp and clear printing that is ideal for barcodes.  These have a better durability than Direct Thermal Parcel Labels and offer security during transit as the paper does not mark with friction.  The strong backing, quality adhesive and crisp clear printing makes these printer labels ideal for your parcels.


Another easy to use parcel label product that Eurolabels can offer is in the sheet labels format.  The A4 self adhesive sheets come in a wide range of sizes from small return address labels to one large A4 label suitable for shipping and pallet distribution.   We have a wide range of sticky parcel label sizes on sheets so please take time to see our full range.  We clearly display which sheet labels stickers are compatible with your desktop printers so making our site easy to use for home or the office.  This type of printable label is an effective solution for small businesses.


At Eurolabels we are now selling some of our stocked sheet labels by the 100 sheets.  Choose the size you require to see if the parcel labels you want are now available by the 100 sheets. This offer is ideal for the smallest of businesses or people at home not requiring large quantities.


All our Parcel Label recommendations are available in a range of colours and adhesive.  At Eurolabels we can also print the labels for you. 

Please contact us for a bespoke quote.  With all these options available we are confident we can  meet all your parcel labelling needs.