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Peelable Removable Adhesive Labels

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Large discounts available on our easy-peel labels, with free delivery on orders above £50.00. 


Practical and high-quality peelable labels from Eurolabels

Give your company a more professional look with our vast range of quality, easy peel matte finish labels from Eurolabel. Matte white labels are great for giving your design or text a softer look, giving something that you thought was purely trivial a brilliant aesthetic that’s going to make your company look highly professional.
One of the most practical ways to apply and address or artwork to a product, out matt finish labels, stay firmly stuck to parcels and packages with a strong adhesive. The adhesive on Eurolabels is both strong enough to stay stuck to your packages during transit and easy enough to peel away without any mess.
We create highly versatile labels that can help you make light work of shipping, give your business a more professional look and greatly reduce the number of returns. These labels are a must-have for any business that ships products in bulk.


Amazing matte finish with practical peelable removable adhesive label design.

Our peelable adhesive labels come printed with a matte finish, which is amazing for boosting the aesthetic appeal of your brand. Matte paper offers a glowing appeal to the text or artwork on the labels and works well at creating soft shadows.
Whatever kind of look you want your business to have, matte finish paper can help emphasise it. Matte is different to gloss because it limits the amount of light that it reflects, which helps colours to diffuse.

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Peelable Label 210 x 297mm
Price £4.89
Removable 1 to view 210 mm x 297 mm Square Corners
Peelable Label 199.6 x 289.1mm
Price £4.89
Removable 1 to view 199.6mm x 289.1mm Round Corners
Peelable Label  199.6 x 143.5mm
Price £4.89
Removable 2 to view 199.6mm x 143.5mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 99.1 x 139mm
Price £4.89
Removable 4 to view 99.1 mm x 139 mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 99.1 x 93.1mm
Price £4.89
Removable 6 to view 99.1 mm x 93.1 mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 99.1 x 67.7mm
Price £4.89
Removable 8 to view 99.1 mm x 67.7 mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 99.1 x 57.3mm
Price £4.89
Removable 10 to view 99.1mm x 57.3mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 63.5 x 72mm
Price £4.89
Removable 12 to view 63.5 mm x 72 mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 99.1 x 38.1mm
Price £4.89
Removable 14 to view 99.1mm x 38.1mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 99.1 x 33.9mm
Price £4.89
Removable 16 to view 99.1mm x 33.9mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 63.5 x 46.6mm
Price £4.89
Removable 18 to view 63.5mm x 46.6mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 63.5 x 38.1mm
Price £4.89
Removable 21 to view 63.5mm x 38.1mm Round corners
Peelable Label 63.5 x 33.9mm
Price £4.89
Removable 24 to view 63.5mm x 33.9mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 45.7 x 25.5mm
Price £4.89
Removable 40 to view 45.7mm x 25.5mm Round Corners
Peelable Label 38.1 x 21.2mm
Price £4.89
Removable 65 to view 38.1mm x 21.2mm Round Corners

Matte paper is also great for deterring dust and smudges, which means that these labels will stay clean even while in transit or storage for long periods of time. Dust cannot diminish the quality of the matte paper labels.
On top of looking great, we’ve worked to perfect our peelable adhesive labels to make them easy for anyone to peel. Eurolabels peelable labels can easily be removed from their paper and securely affixed to packages without the risk of them falling off during transit.

A bad adhesive on a label could cause it to fall off while the package is being delivered; hiding the packages intended address and causing a huge delay in delivery.

This could drastically lower the amount repeat customers.

Not only are the labels easy to peel off of their original paper, but they’re also easy to peel off of the item you have stuck them to. The adhesive we use makes the labels stick tightly to packages, but makes them easy for consumers to remove upon arrival.


Professional, cost-effective supplies and services from Eurolabels.

Only with Eurolabels do you get labels with a high-quality finish and the perfect amount of adhesive to affix to packages and make peeling easy, all at a cost-effective price.  We offer our customers a variety of different discounts for bulk orders, plus free shipping for all orders over £50.
For pristine quality matte finish peelable removable labels at unbeatable prices, there’s no better choice than Eurolabels.