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Shipping and Pallet Labels

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Shipping and Pallet Labels

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A4 Fragile Labels
Price £5.00 + VAT
Fragile Warning Labels
Do Not Split Label
Price £5.00 + VAT
Do Not Split Pallet Labels
Fragile Keep Dry Labels
Price £5.00 + VAT
Keep Dry Pallet Labels
Do Not Stack Labels
Price £5.00 + VAT
Do Not Stack Pallet Labels
Pallet Warning Labels on a roll
Price £31.00 Per 250 labels + VAT. Free delivery in the UK
Pallet Warning Labels white printed with red and black text and images


Shipping and Pallet Labels.


Need to give the delivery crew a reminder of how fragile your products are? With our shipping labels and pallet labels, you’ll be able to effectively label all of your products in transit to make sure they get to the customer in immaculate condition.


Nothing is going to cost your reputation more than posting faulty or broken products to your clientele, which is why Eurolabels is here to provide effective labelling solutions to prevent that from happening.


Efficient shipping labels for fewer returns and happier customers
Through no fault of your own, products may find their way to the customer broken or in pieces, leaving them dissatisfied with your service. This sometimes happens because those delivering the package aren’t aware of what’s inside and don’t take the necessary care to prevent it from breaking. 
Eurolabels provides an elegant solution to this problem in the form of shipping labels. Using a range of high visibility graphics our shipping labels can inform anyone handling your packages to take extra care with them or treat them in a specific manner.


For instance, we offer a sign that discourages people from handling the package in a careless manner due to the contents being fragile. This label comes with the word ‘FRAGILE’ printed in large letters and has a simple picture of broken glass to emphasise the importance of care further.
We also stock labels that instruct handlers not to stack your packages to prevent crushing or internal damage and a label that states that the packages you’re shipping should not be split.



All of our shipping labels are made in our own factory with a high-quality material that brings emphasis to the graphics printed on them, so the deliverers have no excuse for not noticing them. We offer these labels in both black and red, both of which stand out well against a glossy white background.

Our attention to good quality also makes them completely smudge-proof. The labels are highly durable against tarnishing and highly waterproof too – including the ones that warn about getting the package wet.
Each one of these labels also comes with adhesive, which makes them easy to peel away from their holding paper but which also binds the labels firmly to packages to ensure that they don’t fall off.


Premium shipping labels available at Eurolabels.

We’re passionate about creating the best possible labelling solutions for your company and creating products that can help provide a better service to your customers.

As well as shipping labels, we also specialise in creating high-quality address labels, as well as a wealth of different materials, sizes and shapes available.


Not only do we offer economical options to help fit our customer’s budget, but we also have a range of discounts that we offer our customers as a token of appreciation for buying in bulk – with a maximum discount of 50%. Plus, there’s free shipping on all orders over £50.

To learn more about our shipping labels and other products, call us for free on our landline on 0800 342 3170 or our free mobile friendly number on 0333 240 1122. You can also send us an email at