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  • Not only are we a leading manufacturer of Sticky Labels in the UK but we are also one of the most comprehensive Address Labels suppliers. This means that we can provide our direct customers with the widest range as well as the best price and quality of service.


  • Our staff have 50 years experience in manufacturing Adhesive Labels. Eurolabels specialise in the manufacture of A4 Sheet Labels and Roll Labels. Any problems you may be having with your labels supply will already have been solved by us before so we can bring that previous experience to assist in finding the right solution for you.


  • Through our pricing strategy we provide manufacturer's prices direct to all our customers. Eurolabels offers every single customer the opportunity to buy labels online direct from the manufacturer – with no middle men involved to burden you with their extra unnecessary overheads.


  • Manufacturer Direct Pricing means our customers get the best prices available on a wide variety of address labels, mini labels, peelable labels, stickers and rolls as well as many other types of labels. It also means that all your transparent and custom adhesive labels can be delivered direct to your door with no delays. We stock the labels. We print the labels. We box the labels.  So it follows that we must be able to offer you the best overall deal on all your specific label requirements.


  • Because we are the manufacturer, we are able to advise our customers on all the complex technical aspects, for vinyl labels, polyester labels, inkjet labels or digital labels. It makes sense that if we make them then nobody will know more than we do about them.


  • Dealing directly with all our customers, we are able to plan our production  to suit our larger customers' lead times ensuring no down time for their machinery.


  • Since we are the manufacturer we can never be out of stock of address labels, sheet labels or roll labels. We do custom manufacture to our customer's requirements whenever necessary.


  • Customers can shop online and place their order at any time of the day or night. Eurolabels is set apart from many other labels manufacturers because of ease of ordering, direct from the manufacturer through the internet.


  • We are now offering our customers the ability to track on line the latest order status for their purchases.


  • Before placing their order, we an provide an instant quotation over the phone without first having to fill out forms and give away personal information.


  • Customers can also place orders on line using our shopping cart, safe in the knowledge that upon receipt of their order we will immediately start work on it. There will be no backlogs of orders in the system that will significantly delay their own delivery because of the multi-processing capacity of our manufacturing systems.


  • All prices on our site include VAT and transportation so our customers know the final cost of each item whilst carrying on shopping for other address label products.