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Tyvek - the Perfect Wrist Band Solution for Events and Centre Admissions 


Managing an event can be a complicated process, with many different things to consider, with one of the most painstaking processes being admissions. There are many ways to manage the people coming to your centre or event, many of which can be expensive or difficult to keep track of. However, due to innovations in technology, new materials can now be produced with the properties to perfectly suit a solution to your admission management worries.


This material comes in the form of Tyvek, a highly versatile material with the appearance of paper, but with the properties of film or fabric. It is difficult to tear but can be easily cut with a blade. This material lends itself perfectly to wrist band production. Many currently being produced in the industry are perfect for admissions to establishments such as hotels, festivals, theme/water parks, clubs and parties. The wrist bands currently in production are lightweight, easy to apply, come in a range of colours and customizations, have unique numbering to track admissions, are resistant to water and chlorine and are tamper proof, requiring sharp scissors or a knife for removal. Due to this, once a wrist band is removed it cannot be put back on without clear evidence of its removal. This means that wrist bands cannot be transferred from person to person, shared or passed on: the person wearing the wrist band is the one who purchased it, eliminating the problems caused by tickets or wrist bands made from less versatile materials.


The versatile nature of the material used means that they fare surprisingly well in the harsh environments that they may be subject to, such as swimming pools or rain and mud ridden festivals. Customization of the wrist bands allow for unique aesthetics, tailored by the supplier to the style of the required event or establishment, allowing for different classifications of admissions or different levels of access to a certain event corresponding to the colour of the wrist band of the purchaser. The unique serial numbers on most currently produced wrist bands means keeping track of admissions is much simpler, and makes spotting old, no longer viable wrist bands many times easier.


This method of managing admissions is far superior to the other methods currently on the market, such as ticketing or marking customers with ink. Fake tickets being sold outside venues is a big problem in the event industry.  However, Tyvek wrist bands are incredibly difficult to reproduce meaning that the problem of forgeries is non-existent. These wrist bands are also much clearer in environments such as nightclubs or festivals, where an ink marking may fall short.


After weighing up the different possible solutions to event admissions, it is clear that Tyvek wrist bands are the best choice when managing large events such as festivals, parties, clubs and centres.